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A Lengthy-Time period Assessment of the iPhone 12 Digicam

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A Lengthy-Time period Assessment of the iPhone 12 Digicam

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  1. I do believe the iPhone 12 does have a brilliant camera, but some other phone brands take it way to far and put to many cameras on the phone instead of working on making 2 cameras better and put 4 of the bloody things on the devices, baffles me… more lenses to break to me.

  2. I’ve had the 12 since launch and all cameras still work great
    And yes I use it excessively
    I do photography with the camera

  3. I bought into the hype BIG time with the 12 pro max, the whole larger sensor deal+proRAW.

    …all this time later, I still fail to see even one bit of a difference between this and my mom’s 8+. Shots look blow for blow almost identical in most okay-well lit shots. The night time shots are marginally better I suppose, but it’s nothing spectacular.

    I’m pretty done with caring about phone cameras. Pixels still are top of the line for me, but it’s because they’re completely software based pretty much.

  4. Tbh the camera quality of the main sensor is not much better than even the X. Not including things like night mode and ultra wide, it’s actually very hard to tell the difference on shots like the ones in the article.

  5. I love the look of all the photos in this article — any tutorial on how to achieve this style? Settings in Lightroom etc? 🙏🏼

  6. Excellent article. I agree with most of the points here – but one thing said here ” What is harming Night Mode the most for serious photography is its inflexibility” – for me personally – I feel its a general thing. I am a casual photographer and have a DSLR for last 12 years. I only take it with me when I know I have time for constructing photos. And almost never when I am out at night – since I know we would probably go to a restaurant or bar.

    But with iPhones’ evolution – the need for a really good camera has diminished somewhat. The writer highlights this perfectly. I felt that since I had an iPhone 7 – the photos taken from it were simply excellent if the flexibility is also taken into account.

  7. At least with the iPhone 12 and it’s bizarre “green dots” appearing in photos, there will be a whole new bumper crop of “It’s a ufo!!!111” photos out there


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